Allergies And How To Handle It

Spring time is right around the corner and for some people, that also means allergy season for them.  Most people have seasonal allergies, which is mainly caused by the sprouting of pollen in our yards.  When this happens, people with allergies to pollen start to sneeze, cough, and get watery eyes.  Then there’s also people with year-round allergies, which means that they are just allergic to whatever is in the air (dust, dirt).  So can we get rid of our allergies?  Unfortunately, allergies will last your whole life, but there are things that we can do to help us control some of the allergy symptoms that come with it.  The best way to help alleviate (make it weaker) allergy symptoms is to take allergy medications.  These medications can often be found over the counter, but for some people with more severe symptoms, they might have to take prescription allergy medication.  For people with year-round allergies, allergy medications should be used.  However, doing things such as vacuuming, cleaning the house, not being around smoke are also ways to lessen the effects of allergy reactions.  For people with seasonal allergies, allergy medication should be used, but staying away from flowers and limiting your time outside could help as well.  Allergies are a part of life, but it definitely doesn’t have to ruin your life.

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