Does Your Younger Sibling Annoy You?

If you have a younger sibling, you know and understand this all too well.  Your younger brother or sister might be annoying, but take it as a sign that they just love you and want to be around you.  They look up to you and look for you to guide them.  They actually want to be just like you because in a way, you are like their hero.  If your younger sibling keeps bothering you, they might actually just need your attention.  Pay attention to them and listen to them.  They might even have something important to tell you.  Don’t push them away because that might make them feel as though you don’t love them or you don’t care about them.  Remember, your younger sibling has feelings too.  There is nothing more precious than a bond between brothers and sisters and this bond will last a lifetime!  Do you have a younger brother or sister?  Let us know how your relationship is with them!

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