Cool Stories By You!

Have an awesome story to tell? We’d love to feature your story in our “Cool Stories By You!” page. Your story could be on any subject, such as bullying; how you helped someone in need; ghost stories; funny stories; sad stories, and the list goes on!
Just tell us your story in the comment box and your story could be featured! We can’t wait to hear from you! 
We monitor all stories before they are published. Any stories containing bad language, violence, or anything we deem inappropriate will not be used or published.


  1. Hi DSL Show, I have a story to tell. It is quite a cute, but sad story. One day, as I was getting off the bus, a dog came running up to me. I thought it was so cute! It ran up to my leg and started following me. The only thing I could think of was that it was probably sad or didn’t have a family. So I quickly ran inside with the dog hoping my parents would see how cute it is and they would allow me to keep it. Right when the dog ran in, I heard someone yelling for the dog – it was my neighbor. Of course, I didn’t get to keep the dog, but my memory lives on with this cute dog and the little 5 minutes of bonding we had!

  2. Hi DSL I have a story to tell u. One day I was in my basement and I was spinning around and I saw a black figure walking a black dog and then when I stopped spinning he/she was gone and I was so confused after that.

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