Gossiping. Is It Wrong For Kids To Gossip?

What is gossiping?  Gossiping is when you spread rumors about people that may be false or true.  Well, when is it wrong?  For the most part, gossiping IS wrong.  It’s wrong when you spread rumors about people that is false, hurtful, or just plain mean.  If there is a rumor going around that someone is hurt, being bullied, or is in danger, then you shouldn’t gossip about it.  You should take that information and tell your teacher or your parents about it.  What if you heard that someone’s parents are divorcing?  Well, if you go and tell everyone, then that’s gossiping because you are still talking about another person.  If someone is different from you in the way that they act, look, dress, or speak and you decide to make fun of them to everyone, then that’s gossiping and it’s wrong.  Gossip is also considered a form of bullying.  What do you think about gossiping?  Do you think there’s a time when gossiping is okay?  Give us your thoughts!

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