The Oldest Man Alive Was 160 Years Old!

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In 2013, the world was introduced to the oldest man living.  His name was Dhaqabo Ebba and he lived in Ethiopia.  A state-run television program in Ethiopia, called TV Oromiya, interviewed Dhaqabo for the first time in 2013.  Dhaqabo was able to recall historical events that took place in the 1800’s, which would have made him to be at least 160 years old.  Unlike many other countries, Ethiopia did not (in certain parts of the country) keep a record of when people are born, which means Dhaqabo did not have a birth certificate.  However, his recollection of specific events that happened during these times were so precise, it led many to believe that he was as old as they claim he was.  Dhaqabo was able to remember when Italy invaded Ethiopia, which happened in 1895.  He claims that during that time, he had a son that was “old enough to herd cattles”.  Since Dhaqabo was the oldest in his family, he outlived everyone that would have been able to confirm his age. Dhaqabo Ebba has since passed away in 2015 at the age of 163.  People in the community claimed that he was a human library that was able to recall so many past events.  Would you want to live to be 160 years old?  Let us know in the comments below! Source: Independent.Co.Uk  

Are Dogs Psychic?

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Dogs are known for their abilities to sense things before humans can.  So, does that make dogs psychic?  Well, not necessarily.  A dog’s sense of hearing and smelling are usually more powerful than that of a human.  For example, if a human can hear something 10 feet away, a dog would be able to hear that same sound 40 feet away.  As we all know, a dog uses their sense of smell often.  If you were playing with another dog and came home, your dog would be sniffing at you trying to figure out what other “dog scent” is on you.  Scientists have discovered that when a dog goes outside, they are able to smell what has recently been there, what’s presently there, and what could possibly come there depending on how far the scent is.  Their sense of hearing is 4 times more stronger than a human’s and their sense of smell is 40 times more powerful than a human’s. But just because they have these great abilities, it doesn’t mean that they can’t possess “psychic abilities”.  Dogs have also been known to “smell” cancer cells and have detected early cancer signs in their owners.  There’s a case of a dog from the United Kingdom, name Lucy, who is able to smell and detect bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer.  Lucy is half a Labrador retriever and an Irish spaniel.  She has been sniffing out cancer for years and she has been able to correctly detect cancer cells 95% of the time. Dogs are an interesting breed as there are so many of them with different talents and abilities.  Although they aren’t “psychic” as we would love for them to be, they are wonderful companions that are even able to save our lives before we even know what’s going on with our own bodies.  To read more about Lucy, go to “Meet The Dogs Who Can Sniff Out Cancer”.  

Why Is Thunder So Loud?

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Cool Facts About Thunder Thunder is indeed loud and can be a bit scary.  But why is thunder so loud?  First, let’s get some information about thunder and thunderstorms.  By definition, thunder is the sound that is produced when there’s a lightning flash.  Thunder is loud because there’s a rapid expansion of air.  So when you see those streaks of light in the clouds when it rains, that’s the lightning flashes and the sound that it makes is the thunder. When a lightning strikes, the temperature around it goes up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is actually hotter than the surface of the sun!  That’s why someone gets hit by lightning, there’s a cloud of smoke around them because they’ve literally been burnt by lightning.  That is also why kids are told to go inside when there’s a thunderstorm because lightning can strike at any moment.  Here’s some more cool facts about thunder and lightning: A thunderstorm has more explosive power than an atomic bomb. On rare occasions, lightning has been known to enter houses through phone lines and water pipes. In 1988, lightning in the Congo killed an entire soccer team of 11 players.  In 1999, lightning injured a whole football team in Colorado. Your chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 600,000. Source: “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader For Kids Only” 

Faceless Toad

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(photo by Jill Fleming) We have all heard of toads, but have you ever heard of a faceless toad? Scientists out in Connecticut discovered a faceless toad hopping around.  Jill Fleming, a herpotologist (a person that studies amphibians), and her colleagues were out in the forest studying the environment and out of no where, a faceless toad hopped into Jill’s foot.  Jill noticed that the toad continued hopping into Jill’s foot, but was not able to hop over her foot.  When she observed the toad closer, she realized that the toad did not have its eyes, nose, jaw, or tongue. Jill and her colleagues do not know why the toad is missing its face, but they do believe that the toad might have lost its face from an attack, such as a snake attack.  Snakes are known predators to toads and other amphibians.  The real question is how was the toad able to still hop around and be as active as it was?  How could a toad lose its whole face and still be alive?  We’d love to hear what your guesses are in the comments below! To learn more about the faceless toad, visit  

Stuck In Quicksand? Here’s How To Escape!

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Let’s pretend we’re stuck in quicksand, and the first thing we do is, PANIC!  But, that’s the wrong thing to do.  If you move around too much, that can actually cause you to go down faster.  Next, take any extra weight on you like a backpack, and take it off.  The more weight, the more you sink faster.  Now that we got that done, we need to try to escape!  First, we have to get in position.  Lay on your back or move in a sitting position.  If you stand up you will sink down more faster.  Now, try to wiggle your legs around.  Water will get in the space you have made by wiggling the quicksand around and loosen it.  Now that the water has loosen the quicksand, try to pull your legs out.  When you get your legs out, crawl onto land.  Remember slow and steady.  Now, we have escaped safely and we can go back home.  Here’s a video to show you how to escape quicksand.