Bendy Phone – A Phone That Bends?

image source: Moxi Group

Imagine being able to bend your phone and wear it around your wrist like a bracelet.  Well, that’s exactly what a Chinese company, Moxi Group, has created.  Moxi Group is the first company to come out with a bendy phone and it looks like it’s straight out of a futuristic movie.  The concept of a phone that bends sounds cool, but how well would it function?  There are reports that it might not function as well as a regular smart phone because it’s too flexible, which means that it’ll be too small to put in the “computer” or the “brains” of the phone.  If it’s unable to fit a regular “computer” into the phone, it won’t be able to hold as much memory or do as much as a regular smart phone.  And as far as the battery goes, it wouldn’t be able to hold a big battery like regular smart phones, which would be a major issue for the public.

Even though there are disadvantages to the bendy phone, there are some advantages as well.  The good thing about the bendy phone is just that – it bends!  Because it bends, it’s more compact (small), which means you wouldn’t have to carry it around in your pocket or purse.  Another advantage is that it clips on like a bracelet, which means you don’t have to mess around with it to simply get it around your wrist.

A bendy phone sounds like a cool concept that could do possibly do well.  What do you think?  Would you get the bendy phone?  Let us know in the comments below!

Read more about the bendy phone at “Samsung Has A New Bendy Phone Problem”.


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