TARANTULAS – Don’t Be Afraid Of Spiders

Scared of tarantulas? If you are, you have reason to be.  I mean, after all, they are big, hairy, and they’re creepy crawlers.  But did you know that they are not as dangerous as you think?  All tarantulas are venomous, but some aren’t as bad as others.  Their venom is compared to a bee sting and is usually not venomous to humans.  Its venom is used to take down prey its own size.  Another cool fact is that they produce silk.  They don’t spin webs because they hunt their prey by wrapping silk around their food and injecting venom into them.  What do tarantulas normally eat?  Well, their food of choice is definitely not humans!  They usually prefer eating frogs, other spiders, lizards, small insects, rats, mice, and even snakes!  They also love doing all of their hunting at night.  But if you see a tarantula, make sure you ask your parents before trying to hold one.  They might look cute (just like the one in the picture), but they do get scared and can bite if they feel scared or threatened.

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